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1. ***. A History of the Russian War. London: Milner and Co, n.d. (but a. 1856)

2. Masaoki Doi. A Historical Meaning of Spartacus' Uprising. Tokyo, Japan: For ~ Symposium Rebus Spartaci Gestis Dedicatum 2050a., 1977

3. Geraldine Reinhart-Waller (compiled & edited). Alexeev's Brief Cultural History of Eurasia. Lectures delivered at Harvard University in Summer, 1991.

4. The O'Mahony. Bulgaria and the Powers. Dublin: Sealy, Bryers and Walker, 1915

5. Agelika Hoffer von Sulmthal & Michael Margaritoff. Of the Slav Apostles Constantine and Methodius. Hamburg: Gesamthersellung Alsterdruck E. Schlecht, 1980.

6. Januarius A. MacGahan. The Turkish Atrocities in Bulgaria. Geneva: n. p., 1966 (original title - The Bulgarian Atrocities: "Daily News" Special Inquiry) 

7. Theodore Geshkoff. The Law on Bulgarian Nationality (International Conciliation Series, № 240). New York: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1928




1. Henry E. Sigerist. Health. In: H. E. Sigerist. Medicine and Human Welfare. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1941

2. Wade H. Frost. Epidemiology. In: Public Health - Preventive Medicine from Nelson Loose-Leaf System. New York: Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1927

3. Kenneth J. Rothman. Modern Epidemiology. ~ Selected chapters from the book "Modern Epidemiology. Boston: Little, Brown & Co.", 1986

4. Olli S. Miettinen. Theoretical Epidemiology. ~ Selected issues from the "Journal of Clinical Epidemiology", 1985-9

5. ***. Arab Medicine. ~ Two articles with editorials from the scholarly journals "Salerno", 1967 and "Hamdard Medicus", 1997




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