Author: Miladin Apostolov

The monograph is an original and the only of its kind publication for Bulgarian medical scientific literature. As many as 600 Cyrillic alphabet and 280 Roman alphabet publications are explored. A critical analysis of conceptions of diverse scientific schools, series of schools in medico-biological and clinical sciences in Bulgaria is made. The influence of European scientists and schools on Bulgarian schools in sequence of almost one century /XXc./ is also explored. The genesis, establishment, the Golden Age and decline of leading medico-biological and some clinical schools on the basis of selected European criterions is researched; also the role of the leaders generators of scientific ideas; the most essential scientific discoveries and attempts of schools with considerable acknowledgement in Bulgaria and abroad; the appearance of filial schools and realization of succession in scientific ideas, etc.


- Problems and facts

- Key words and names

- Formation of the theme

I. Scientific schools in medico-biological sciences.

- Chapter one: School of Biology to Acad. Metodi Popov

- Chapter two: School of Microbiology to Acad. Vladimir Markov

- Chapter three: School of Histology & Embryology to Acad. Asen Hadjiolov.

- Chapter four: School of Physiology to Acad. Dimiter Orachovatz

II. Scientific schools in hygienic sciences.

- Chapter five: School of Hygiene to Acad. Toshko Petrov

III. Scientific schools in clinical sciences.

- Chapter six: School of Surgery to Prof. Paraskev Stoyanov

- Chapter seven: School of Dermato-venerology to Prof. Luben Popov

- Chapter eight: School of Psycho-neurology to Acad. Georgi Usunov

IV. Generalization.

- Postscript

- Abbreviations

- Literature

- Index