HEALTH 1921-1945

The world after World War I in which Bulgaria has to appear was of a quite difference. The treaty with the "Entante States" was signed in the Paris suburb of Neuilly on 27 November 1919; - the country slid into a grave economic and political crisis. The puppet communist government of Alexander Stamboliiski with BAU /Bulgarian Agrarian Government/ was an obsolete landmark for the state of affairs. About year 1923 the political parties began a process of consolidation;

 - on 9 June 1923 a Popular Alliance /organizing representatives of all bourgeois parties with Military League and Great Masonic Lodge/ facilitated the government;

 - on 4 January 1926 a Second Alliance cabinet was formed at the head of which was Andrey Lyapchev /1866-1933/; - on 29 June 1931 a Popular Block won the majority of the votes headed by Alexander Malinov /1867-1938/ and Nicola Mushanov /1872-1951/;

 - on 19 May 1934 a Zveno Block overthrew the government and initiated a chain of sinister registration of state officials until the end of World War II.

Aiming to be short, we should not like to omit the political role of other occasional formations like: 1. IMRO /Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization/ headed by Vanche Michailov and Menche Kurnicheva; 2. UFC /United Fascist Center/ headed by Alexander Tzankov; 3. Agrarian Union splitting to numerous divisions but most important are "Vrabcha" and "Pladne"; 4. Royal Chancellery ebbing the tide of political forces. So far, the next page of history is outlined by an organization of Socialist State in Bulgaria.

A comprehensive review of the subject can be found in "Golosmanoff, I. The Public Health Services in Bulgaria. Geneva: Health Section of the Secretariat of the League of Nations, 1926"

/to be continued/.